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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Little Suleiman Frangieh gave a speech

I never liked the guy much, ever since I learned of his existence after his father was gunned down in a gangland-style home invasion when he was 2 and I was maybe 8. But today his speechwriters came up with a turn of phrase that I felt compelled to translate. He said:

"History usually remembers kings and sovereigns much more than it remembers their subjects. But today I say to you, no matter how little money you have left, no matter how small your homes are, not matter how great your physical needs, today you are the sovereigns. You are the sovereigns because you all came here to voice your individual opinions about the government that derives its legitimacy from the people. As for them, no matter how huge their bank accounts, filled as it they are money that is yours, and no matter how splendid their mansions, they are the subjects because they do not have the freedom to decide their own course of action without instructions from their masters."

Hear hear.


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