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Friday, September 08, 2006

Where is Walid?

There is not much to report in the political arena - airport opened, roadside bomb assasinations return, political name-calling all around. On the personal level, I am getting ready to go back without the wife and kids. It's a sad time. Silly rumors of depleted uranium and sea-bourne carcinogens provide a cheap excuse for the non-thinking person, but my son said the honest truth : "I do not want to go to a country where everyone litters." The fact remains that every last drop of the diesel fuel slicking its way up the Mediterranean was going to be burned right into the air we breathe in Lebanon. Various laws concerning importation of automobiles and state monoplization of electricity production ensure that the combustion chambers where this happens do not exactly conform to the latest standrds.

I think I will soon start working on my novel instead of trying to keep up with this running commentary. The visitation numbers tell me that most of you feel the same.

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