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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Another highly emotional day. Michael Young's article conveys the logical argument against what was said at the rally of stooges yesterday, but the emotional dimension is what I want to talk about. "Yes, we want to find Hariri's killers" said the Hezbollah leader, whom we once admired, but his whole speech was a defense fo a status quo that makes it not only impossible to find the killers, but also makes it easy to justify, and hence repeat, the crime. When Mr. Hezbollah says "We want to find the truth because this will heal the rift [with Syria]", then he has already made up his mind about what truth is permissible to find and what truth is worthy of obliterating. When he says "There is no point to having a neutral government, which excludes today's pltical heavyweights", he is saying that the investigation has to be carried out by the prime suspects in the murder. Michael Young says that Hezbollah must choose whether or not to alienate most of Lebanon in order openly to become Syria's enforcer. It's too late for this one Lebanese. Consider me alienated.


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