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Reflections on life, good-and-evil, family, humanity, and anything else that occurs to me, usually when I travel. Right now I am on a 6-year trip through Lebanon, the homeland I had never really lived in before.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Superman died last week. Here in Lebanon, it feels as if we have lost more than a philanthropist, leader and economical miracle worker. We have lost a superhero. We have lost someone who had powers that we neither understood nor believed existed. Someone who, because of his powers, chose to suffer burdens for the good of all that no combination of us could hope to bear. All of last week we have mourned him, and now it is time for us to band together to avenge him.

When I wrote something along these lines on the BBC "Have your say" web form, they called me to be the first caller on the February 20th "Talking Point".

While I was thinking about what to say on wordwide radio and TV, I decided that I had a lot to say, so I am now re-activating "Walid's Wanderings."


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