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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Re: Syrian Ambassador's Letter Feb. 22 Re. "Hit Job in Beirut" Feb 15th

Another letter to the New York Times:

To the Editor,
I appreciate Ambassador Moustapha's attempt (published on February 22nd) to rally the faithful behind the Syrian point of view. I note, however, that those protesting Syria's as yet unacknowledged interference in Lebanese affairs include more than long-time opponents who reluctantly toed the party line but whose anger has now eclipsed their fear. Many others had sincerely believed the party line that national honor and popular aspirations justified any behavior by the champions of these values. Seeing that someone of Hariri's stature, power, and selfless dedication may have had something to fear from those champions has turned many old believers. If Arab National Socialism carried the banner of the greater good, Hariri served the greater good, lived the greater good and exemplified the greater good. When the sun comes up, a malfunctioning street lamp can still splutter, but no one will pay it any attention.


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