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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

We made it to California

Priceline got us from Atlanta, Georgia to San Francisco on the same day as the US Government chartered World Air flight got us to Atlanta from Cyprus. I briefly wondered if this was one of those companies implicated in the CIA "extraordinary renditions." The term "fly by night" took on a new meaning when we arrived in Atlanta after a red-eye flight and found all the lights were out inside the passenger unloading tube (what are those things called?)

But it was just a total coincidence. We are grateful for all the efforts that went into moving us out, as well as to the Red Cross and the Southern Baptist Convention people and the Georgia Department of Public Health, who met us and were all so nice.


I have not been reading news, and I really have nothing to add at this point.


  • At 3/8/06 2:13 AM, Anonymous Ziad Elmarsafy said…

    welcome back; glad you made it safely. --Z


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