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Monday, July 31, 2006

It looks like Atlanta, GA

The plane leaving today from Cyprus will take us to Atlanta, Georgia, as far as I can tell. Since I last blogged, we have spent one night on a cruise ship (4 bunks in a cabin with private shower) and two nights in a temporary camp in Cyprus (400 people in three large convention-center exhibition halls, with foldable cots, air conditioning.) For the first time in my life I have better access to the Internet than I do to a hot shower.

But we are safe and the Consular officials are doing everything they can to make us comfortable as they scramble to charter enough planes. We have food and toiletries coming out our ears, and cleaning services for floors and bedsheets, and volunteers helping out, and even a bus to town for shopping and ice cream. Many people here (but not us) have one or more members of the party with documents missing or insufficient, so the decisions are coming in all day for them as to whether they will be allowed on the plane or not.

Politically ..

I am nervous. All my high faith in Hezballahs distinctinvceness via-a-vis all the other bozos who have stood against Israel since 1948 is on the line. As long as Israel keeps air strikes suspended, as announced last night, Hezballah will have to play its trump card and demonstrate that it too can halt all missile strikes. The Western world, and especially every voter in America who plans to vote in October, must see that stopping the missiles against Israel is something that only Hezballah can deliver.
I pray that Hassan Nasrallah's policy, as I have read it, can still hold sway with the aggreived members of Hezballah's decision making body, members who may have had wives and children among the victme. And of course a postscript to my prayer is a wish that this is indeed his policy.


  • At 31/7/06 7:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Walid, I'm relieved to hear that you've made it safely to Cyprus. Good luck on your next leg; please let me know if there's anything I can do to help.


    P.S. I'm sure you recall Heinlein's mordant observation that you should never underestimate the power of human stupidity.

    I have yet to see evidence of rational behaviour but I will keep my fingers crossed for its emergence.

  • At 2/8/06 12:15 AM, Anonymous Marina said…

    Walid, now that Hezballah failed to stop the missiles do you still consider them different from all other terrorists?

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